1. hyperallergic:

    (via How Selective Enforcement of Illegal Advertising Laws Punishes Creative Activism)

    The enforcement of city and state law pertaining to graffiti, advertising, and other signage has enormous power to visually shape public space. In New York City, enforcement is heavily skewed to ignore illegal commercial advertising, while simultaneously aggressively targeting graffiti and, in some cases, symbols of dissent.


  2. Almost a week later and we’re still a little exhausted from and over-stimulated by #ExpoChicago

  3. Last night’s talk at Columbia College Chicago with the prolific #CarrieMaeWeems

    In the introduction by #DawoudBey he referenced one of her well known quotes about the desire to “beautify the mess of a messy world” with her art.


  4. Today we released a new issue of our online magazine about art and the ephemeral. All kinds of goodness for your art soul to read as you head to the fairs and openings this weekend.


  5. After reading Adaptive Re-use: Fulton Market Gentrifies, Meg Santisi’s article on gentrification in Fulton Market, the folks at Gensler invited her to be part of a design research project in the West Loop. Congrats Meg!


  6. Two marginalized art forms find surprising commonalities in Caitlin Bruce’s Urban Acrobatics…

  7. Take a look at “Margins”, the first issues of our online magazine:



  8. Photos from the May 4th celebration of our friend and Chicago/Milwaukee artist Brooks Golden at Chicago Urban Art Society.

  9. Out of Site Chicago is a series of public encounters that happen each summer in various spots around Wicker Park and Bucktown. Our friends at On The Real Film captured the performances of Jeff Huckleberry, Meghan Moe Beitiks and Joshua Kent. Take a look: http://sixtyinchesfromcenter.org/archive/?p=21980


  10. Issue Topic: Margins
    Deadline to Pitch: April 21st
    Article Deadline: May 12th
    Compensation: $50 per accepted pitch and completed article

    In June, we’ll release our very first issue, and the theme is something very dear to our hearts: Margins. What lives in the margins? Who is marginalized in our society, and what are they making? How do we navigate the margins on a daily basis? These aren’t just questions that artists must answer, they’re questions for the entire community. But to build a community, we need people, and that’s where you come in.

    We need contributors. Writers, videographers, photojournalists. If you are interested in the arts in Chicago, and especially if you are interested in the arts no one else is, we want to hear from you. Maybe you want to interview your favorite creative weirdo. Maybe you want to explore how being on the outside has affected your own work. Maybe you’ve found art in an unusual space, and you can’t wait to tell the world. Whatever it is, let us know, and we can help you publish it on a city-wide level.